"Peter Lawson has the unprecedented ability to take complex business topics and make them simple, yet effective and profitable. Any accountant, regardless of their skill level, will find this book to be a windfall for their practice. A must read!"
Adrian Ulsh - Author of the highly acclaimed book "How small business owners can instantly generate all the leads their business can handle..WITHOUT spending a dime on Marketing or Advertising"

"If you are a professional in business, Peter does not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. A great insight into how the rules have all changed, including lots of good case studies. I would recommend this as required reading for any professional considering starting a business, or for those professionals that want to grow their business."
Chris Ridd - Managing Director, Australia, Xero Accounting Software

"Having worked as an advisor to and coach of professionals for thirty-five years now, I have seen too many young ones buried in technical work without any introduction to how to win new clients and review their needs and negotiate a fixed fee for the role to be played as their advisor. In this book, Peter discusses the theory then backs it up with pragmatic case studies and real life tips. All young guns (as we call professionals) should read and practice what is in this book. It will make a big difference to your career."
Andrew Geddes

"I have been working with Peter Lawson as my business coach for the last 4 months to help me market and use our on line e-learning system and the 5 Step Profit Formula. This system will help my coaching clients obtain all the leads their business can possibly handle and crush their competition. I am a CPA who has been practicing for over 40 years and wish that I had offered this service to my clients from the beginning.

I first tried to implement this system 6 months before meeting Peter and nearly gave up. With Peter coaching me, I have now successfully learned how to develop leads and convert the leads into my own coaching engagements with various businesses.

I also attended an online webinar that Peter presented in January to a group of Arizona CPA's. His webinar was well presented and motivating. He effectively demonstrated the need for CPA's to proactively help their clients improve their business through the use of the 5 Step Profit Formula and the online e-learning system. Using this system, Peter told the CPA's that they now have a tool to help their clients increase their leads to generate more revenue, improve their cash flow, profits and grow their businesses.

Peter has been able to teach me how to successfully approach potential clients, promote our coaching system and most importantly close into a coaching engagement. Peter's experience has been pivotal in growing my coaching practice and meeting my projected goals so far, with optimistic hopes of growing it to a six figure gross income within six months. I look forward to continue working with Peter to learn even more skills to further develop my marketing and coaching skills."

Douglas L Hoffman, CPA - Hoffman Eells & Gray CPAs, PC